How to Have deep Restful Sleep Every Night

(Even if you have tried everything without success)

This has been and still is a time of extreme stress. We are living in stressful times more so than any other era.

Fear is abundant in everyone, fear of losing your job, your business, your health, your home and countless other concerns. Stress and anxiety are ruling our lives and robbing us of our sleep. Without 7-8 hours hours of deep restful sleep every night you will be unable to function efficiently; and on a continual basis your body (and mind) will become sick. Depression may set in followed by suicidal thoughts. Please seek professional help if this is the case.

So how can you achieve deep, restful sleep?

Here are a few guidelines to follow.

1) Eat your evening meal at least three hours before you retire for the night as it will be more difficult to sleep while your body is digesting a meal, and try to be in bed by 10pm, sleep during those two hours before midnight are more beneficial than at any other time.

2) Have a “Nanna nap” during the day – but restrict it to ten minutes in order to still be sleepy when you do go to bed.

3) Energy healing – although this may sound counter-productive, a calming session will ensure you are relaxed and ready to sleep.

4) Meditation – Many people find meditation too hard, being unable to focus, or to sustain a meditative practice.  However there are many guided meditation mp3's you can download choose one you relate to and play it as you are ready to wind down for the night,

5) If you are a coffee drinker or in fact any caffeinated beverage, stop consuming it eight hours before you retire.

(ie if you retire at 10pm make your last coffee at 2pm.)

6) Bad dreams or nightmares cause disrupted sleep. You wake with a fast heart-rate recalling the unpleasantness of the dream.

However, ask for pleasant dreams as you head for bed...... really, you can,

Ask your Guardian Angel or your Guides (yes, we all have them) even if you are not in regular contact or have no idea who they are, they are there to help you, but are not able to unless you ask. (eg. Please only allow pleasant dreams while I sleep tonight, dreams that uplift and resonate with my inner self.)

7) Make sure you go to bed and get up at consistent times (eg 10pm and 7am) every day

Develop a routine as you prepare for sleep, check your mattress and pillow to ensure you are comfortable,

(eg Is you pillow  too high or too low, either of which can misalign your spine)

Minimise blue light after dark, it is believed blue light from computer screens can stimulate your brain, however, most computers now have a built in day/night colour temperature setting to minimise blue light from monitor screens after dark.

8) Keep your bedroom cool and dark, wearing a sleep mask will make sure your brain can allow melatonin (the sleep hormone) to kick in.

9) Exercise is wonderful. It helps release stress and anxiety and calms the mind, but make sure you exercise during the day, not in the evening, as it will stimulate your mind and body if close to bed time.

10) Sun exposure is extremely important. Try to get some sun on your face first thing in the morning to stimulate vitamin D3 production, and generally help you feel awake and ready for this new day.

11) Try to avoid pharmaceutical sleeping pills – they contain toxic ingredients and can be addictive. Instead choose natural alternatives. Many people have found relief from Melatonin the sleep hormone. Begin with a low dose and increase until you have found a level which resonates with you.

Cannabidiol or cbd works well for many people. It doesn't have the effect of making you “high” but it just relaxes you sufficiently to enable restful sleep throughout the night. NOTE:- Always consult with a qualified health practitioner before beginning any new regime.

12) Crystals to help relax and give a good nights sleep. Lepidolite is one of the most potent sleep enhancing crystals, encouraging your body to relax into deep sleep quickly and maintain it throughout the night.

Amethyst works on all levels, your mind, body and spirit. Also guarding against psychic attack, boosting the immune system and balancing hormone production.

Either place them under your pillow or beside your bed, whichever resonates with your intuition.

13) Hormone levels fluctuate during menopause and waking at 4am or thereabouts bathed in perspiration, and being unable to fall asleep again is both common and distressing.

To address and offset disturbed sleep and uncomfortable symptoms avoid spicy food which can initiate hot flushes and perspiration. Wear loose clothing preferably cotton or other natural fibres. Keep a water spray bottle by your bed and add 2-3 drops of a calming essential oil. Lavender is an excellent choice. Use a few drops of the essential oil on your pillow to calm and soothe your mind and emotions and help your body to relax into a restful sleep.

14) If there is a lot of road noise, barking dogs, parties etc, use earplugs overnight – they really do help – by blocking annoying noise, your relaxation levels will be increased a hundred fold.

15) Herbal helpers for sleep far outweigh pharmaceutical sleeping pills for your health and wellness.

16) Drink chamomile tea during the evening, it will help decrease anxiety and muscle tension.

NOTE:- Magnesium is also excellent to release muscle tension. Try magnesium oil or cream for external application and a supplement to enhance relaxation and relieve night leg cramps.

17) Oats, turkey and pumpkin seeds all contain the amino acid L-Trytophan which helps your body produce more melatonin (the sleep hormone)

18) Indulge in a warm bath and add a few drops of Lavender and/or rose essential oil. It will do wonders to soothe you into restful sleep. If you are pre-menopausal, currently in menopause or post menopausal check your hormone levels, as an imbalance can cause sleep disruption. Make sure your mind is clear of any concerns and anxiety before you head for bed, and write them down on a notepad. As you write, visualise all these thoughts being transferred to the paper in order to leave your mind calm and free from the energy of overwhelm.

Music has been used to either elevate our energy or to calm us, and there are many programs to choose from.

Wholetones has come highly recommended with lullabies set to calming, sleep inducing frequencies.

Invoke the power of the earth with crystal calming energy in a liquid state from

Try one or a combination of these techniques and strategies to ensure you are able to achieve a deep, restful sleep every night.

Diana Scanlan
Medical Intuitive Healer
Natural Health and Wellness Life Coach

Author of “Lessons From Your Last Life and How They Can Help You In This One.”

Co-author in “The Change” book series

Featured in “Women Of The Wise Earth”

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